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Is Easy Payday Revolution Legit?

We looked into Easy Payday Revolution as soon as we heard of them. Apparently, a new owner has taken over and changed the program completely. They have truly made it a system worth your time now. This is as legit as they get. And I got a front row seat to check it out. In order to do that, though, I had to promise to not give away their secret.

In order to gain access to EPDR you have two options. You can sign up and complete a free trial offer; this is the way many people go. They say the success rate of completing these trials offers is near 100%. They have MANY free offers that do not cost you a thing and many other offers that do not cost very much at all. I would suggest trying one that you actually use, that way you kill two birds with one stone. The other option is to pay a flat rate $20 fee; that is a one time (lifetime) fee, so you will never have to pay for access again.

Hoes does Easy Payday Revolution Work?

When you first get access you are presented with the guides, the videos, some ebooks, and your mentor. You are supposed to go through the guides and videos and then contact your mentor. Your mentor is there to help you on a ONE-on-ONE basis. They make sure that you make money right away. This is where, if you do not make money, they will pay you. By the time you are done with your mentor you will know the system inside and out will be on your way to make money on a daily basis.

Their Referral Program is UNIQUE and ONE of a Kind.

You get paid $5 for every referral you send to them that gains access to the site. This is a very high payout, but they wanted to make referring people to Easy Payday Revolution as valuable as possible. So, they have done something truly unique that has NEVER been done before.

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So, is Easy Payday Revolution legit? Is it a Scam? Absolutely, NOT! If you’re not in there now, then you are really missing out. This is my Easy Payday Revolution Review and I approve and recommend them. This is one the most unique work from home ideas around.

There are obvious advantages of working from home – your overheads are negligible, you can have flexible work timings and you can even rope in your family members to help out rather than hiring full time employees. Home based business is a great option for stay at home parents, single parents or others looking to supplement their income. If you’re thinking about starting a home based business ask yourself these simple questions first.

1. Do you have what it takes?

It may sound attractive – not having to rush to get dressed each morning, avoiding that daily commute, ‘going’ to work in sweats every day, not having to kowtow to an unreasonable boss and being at hand for any emergency at home. But do you have the ability to start and look after your own business? Remember you will need some wherewithal and acumen, the ability to take quick solo decisions, and resources in terms of funding, office space, inventory and so on.

2. Do you have the space?

If you decide to start a home business, do you have space for a dedicated home office? Don’t imagine that you can successfully operate from any old corner of your home. If you will need to stock inventory, entertain clients and so on, do you have the space in your home?

3. Will it be practically possible for you?

Theoretically a home business means you are always there for your kids. But small kids will need considerable supervision, even older kids or pets will mean frequent interruptions in your work. So consider whether you will be able to dedicate the time to your business venture without interruption and distraction on a regular, daily basis.

4. Will you need to employ staff?

Will you be able to handle every aspect of your business yourself or will you need to employ someone to help out? Will you need an assistant to handle sales or inventory, for maintaining accounts or handling correspondence and other clerical jobs or can you handle all of this yourself?

5. Are your expectations realistic?

So you’ve made up your mind to have a home based business, but don’t chuck up your day job just yet. It takes a lot before your home business can be a success and turn in a profit. Do not assume that you will be able to make a living on your home business right away. You may have a terrific idea that you’re convinced will be profitable, but wait and see whether you can really make it work and keep your expectations realistic.

The economic climate being what it is today, more and more people are worried about layoffs and redundancies. You may be among those looking to supplement an existing income or create some revenue by way of freelance writing gigs. We look at the different options available for freelance writers – different types of writing as well as some other gigs closely related to writing.

1. Article Writing

One of the most common types of freelance writing projects is article writing. Articles may be needed for a website, blog, article submission sites or any other purpose. The writing should be original, interesting, information and free from fluff if you are to succeed at this job.

2. Website Content

Various pages could need to be written – the home page, the about page, perhaps an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, testimonials page, contact page and so on. The writing would need to be precise, concise and easily accessible, making the website easy to navigate.

3. Editing

These jobs may be available for website as well as print publications. Skills needed would include correcting, condensing and organizing material to make it readable, concise and cohesive.

4. Proofreading

Excellent English language skills and a very fine eye for detail are needed for this. You should be able to spot spelling, syntax and grammatical errors that the computer missed.

5. Research Papers

This sort of writing job is best done by those who have some knowledge and experience in a given field. Knowing the different methods of annotation and citations as well as solid research skills are required for writing research papers.

6. Product Descriptions

This is relatively simple work – look at a product, give relevant information about it and write about it in a way that makes a person want to buy it.

7. SEO Writing

A keyword density of between 1 and 2% is typically indicated; however this means more than simply using the keyword repeatedly through the length of an article. You need to make it flow naturally, in a way that the keywords seem unobtrusive.

8. EBooks

The amount of creativity, research and originality required for writing eBooks may vary greatly when writing eBooks. However this is a bigger and more difficult writing job than short articles.

9. Power Point Presentations

This can be interesting work for someone with a creative flair. It is important to make presentations engaging and visually appealing, apart from making them informative and instructional.

10. Social Networking

Many companies and products now have an online presence beyond their websites and blogs. Being on Facebook and Twitter, commenting on blogs, participating in forums is an important way to engage with people and get talked about.

The concept of a franchise enables you to use someone else’s successful business model for your own business. So if you’re of a mind to have your own food related business but are a novice when it comes to entrepreneurship, a restaurant franchise could make a lot of sense for you – an established system offers business support and a trustworthy brand reputation.

How does it work?

For the requisite investment, a franchisor will offer a set business model for the franchiser to operate. Depending upon the type of franchise picked, the cuisine, menu, price structure, décor and so on are pre decided. Customers will already recognize the established brand name and trademark; marketing and advertizing are also taken care of – so entrepreneurs who buy a franchise can take advantage of this.

So for payment of a franchise fee, and set royalty payable monthly or yearly, you can have the advantage of years of market experience of a chain of restaurants that the buying public already knows about and presumably likes. The franchisee receives knowhow, technical support and assistance in problem solving. This is already a proven profit making venture so buying a franchise takes the guesswork out of the whole equation.

When to go for it?

If you think that a given area is in need of new restaurant or fast food outlet or even retail food outlet of some sort, this would be a good start. For instance have you heard your neighbors say something like “I wish there was a KFC in this area” or “I wish the Cinnabon was within walking distance so I can get fresh cinnamon buns when I want”.

Understand however, that there is a significantly large capital investment required for buying a restaurant franchise. There is a recurring cost in terms of royalty as well. When you take on a restaurant franchise you will typically have to make a commitment for a number of years and an undertaking that you will not dabble in other businesses.

Whether the business succeeds or not will however depend upon several factors – location, overheads, and your own business acumen. So having a franchise is no guarantee of profitability.

Restaurant franchising opportunities would include stand alone outlets such as restaurant chain outlets, fast food joints as standalone or as part of a food court or mall, or a retail outlet for ice-cream, baked goods and so on.

Consider the following – Twitter is a micro-blogging site that is one of the most visited pages on the internet today. This so called SMS of the internet has over 500 million registered users. In addition, unregistered users also visit the site to read tweets, which are publically visible by default. Twitter is a truly remarkable way to communicate – it puts celebrities in touch with fans and vice versa, it puts marketers in touch with the consumer and vice versa, it has the ability to connect practically anyone on the planet. With its massive reach, it’s easy to see that Twitter has serious money making potential as well. Here are just some of the ways to use twitter to make money.

Sell products on twitter

Twitter is free so if you’re a seller of any product or service you can benefit from having a presence on Twitter. Like other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter can help you advertise your products, give out information about new products and sales, get feedback, give clarifications, communicate with customers and so on.

Increase customer base

Twitter is a marketing tool that most modern businesses take advantage of. By adopting the right strategies, you can increase the number of your followers and increase your chances of your tweets being re-tweeted so that more people know about your product or services. So if you are an eBay seller or sell stuff on etsy or similar websites, you can use twitter to effectively market your products, increase sales and get better bids.

Increase readership

Similar to having marketing a product or service, is the marketing of a website, blog or other publication. Twitter can be used to create awareness and increase buzz about a new issue of a magazine, a new blog post and practically anything to do with online as well as offline publishing. Increasing followers and re-tweets can translate into significantly increased readership.

Build a brand

Companies, individuals, celebrities, politicians, reporters, writers, service providers and practically anyone who wants to communicate with a segment of the public or the public at large now has to have a presence on Twitter. It is almost as if they cannot afford not to, if they want to build a brand. You can create a brand that is quirky, fun, distinctive, recognizable, dependable… whatever you want your personality, your product or your service to be perceived as.

Home businesses are a great idea for so many of us: those who have small kids at home, those who want to supplement an existing income, those who have been laid off and are currently looking for a job, and so many others. So here are some of the best home based businesses to choose from. Go with one that you think you’d be comfortable in.

1. Day Care Center

If you have small kids yourself, you may be killing two birds with one stone here. This home business needs relatively less expertise and investment, and can be set up quite easily in any home setting. Word of mouth of good services is the best marketing for this business.

2. Catering Business

If you have a flair for cooking, you can spread the word – you can offer catering for family gatherings, dinner parties and more. You could add waitressing or table décor services along with this; people can opt for the whole package.

3. Making Preserves

Many of us have recipes handed down from older generations that make preserves the old fashioned way. Homemade jams, pickles, chutneys and sauces are much sought after in a world of preservative laden, generic packaged foods.

4. Personalizing Gifts

Printing, embroidery, embossing, appliquéing and even scrapbooking or video making skills can be gainfully utilized. With a few creative ideas and some solid skills, you can offer people the opportunity to give other some really unique and memorable gifts.

5. Web Design

A creative bent of mind, design software skills and a modicum of business acumen may be all that you need to get this business off the ground.

6. Freelance Writing

You can offer your services writing for online or print media. You can pick jobs that range from data entry to ghostwriting books to doing op-ed pieces. You can go solo or you can register yourself on any of the many freelancer websites online.

7. Consultancy

This may be a great business idea for someone who has experience or expertise in a particular field, and who is now looking to throttle back in terms of working hours. Older or semi retired individuals, professionals experiencing burnout can also opt for consulting.

8. Tutoring

You can offer tutoring services to neighborhood kids or offer online tutoring services.

9. Pet Grooming

Some affinity for animals is a must here. You will also need the space and skills, initial investment and perhaps some home alterations for this home business.

10. Virtual Assisting

With the help of virtual workrooms and free video chats and constant connectivity, virtual assisting has become a breeze.

There are so many reasons why freelance editing jobs may be preferable to regular 9 to 5 job. There is the fact that you can pick and choose your own assignments and also the fact that you do not report to any boss but yourself. Another advantage is that your hours can be as flexible as you want them to be.

Skills Required

When we speak of editing, it’s more than mere proofreading that we speak of. You have to be able to correct, condense and organize material in a way that improves coherency as an editor; not merely correct syntax and grammar. So if you have experience in editing books, journals, print publications, eBooks or websites, this will better qualify you for the job of editing. Having an educational qualification such as a diploma in publishing and editing would be a huge plus.

You are the best person to decide whether you have what it takes to edit articles, books, videos, power point presentations, website content or other copy. You should be equipped with the right tools of the trade too – a computer and requisite software as well as up to date computer skills. Style manuals and dictionaries/thesauri are other useful accouterments for an editor to have.

Make sure that you have the time to devote to any assignments that you can work independently and without assistance. If you feel that you will need help, make sure that arrange for this before accepting assignments. It is important to schedule your work time in a way that you can meet tight deadlines as required.

Where to find job in freelance editing

You could approach the publisher of periodicals, journals, newspapers or books for freelancing gigs that they may have – you can approach them directly with your resume, work samples and qualifications. Typically publishers will have editors on their team who are full time employees, but may have some requirements for freelancers as well.

If you find that you don’t get the requisite response from such a direct approach you could try and find editing jobs on freelance websites online. Be sure to register only on the reputed, established ones that have been around for a while. Genuine hirers are more likely to post projects there. Also check the credentials of the hirer – feedback received by the hirer and paid/unpaid invoices they have against their name will give you an idea so you know whom you should bid for.

Today we look at how to go about starting a franchise as well as what you should know about buying into one. If you are someone who already has a successful business model and feel that it is now ready for expansion, you may be thinking in terms of starting a franchise. As a franchisor it can be very satisfying and also very profitable to see your business idea prosper and get bigger, but it’s more difficult than it sounds.

How to start a franchise

It may sound quite simple – you let someone use your trademark, brand name and business model for the payment of a reasonably hefty fee. Presumably you then can sit back and enjoy the profits. Well, not quite.

You will have to think long and hard about what technical or specialized know how you want to share with your franchisee. Also understand that a franchisee is not your employee and will have significantly more autonomy since they will be running their own business their own way. If you want them to do things your way, this could get tricky.

There is very significant investment that your franchise company will require initially and it may be a while before your franchisee starts to make money for you. You will need to have your accounts audited and will also need to follow other mandatory requirements. You may need to hire consultants to get all your systems in place before you can think of franchising your business model. The International Franchise Association (the IFA) has useful resources that help get franchisors get started.

How to buy a franchise

Buying a franchise means that you can have the advantage of an established business, a well known name and brand along with the knowhow and the technical and logistical support. So your chances of making the business succeed are higher than if you invested in a new and independent business idea. A franchise is a business idea that is already successful and has been profitable for a significant length of time.

If you’re thinking of buying a franchise, the first thing you need to know is that to be able to bring this brand to the consuming public, there is very substantial outlay that you will need to make. The initial investment for buying a franchise is typically very high. You then also have royalty to the franchisor.

What you also need to know is that getting the money together to buy a franchise does not automatically mean that your business will be successful. Actually making money from the business is still some way away.

After you buy the franchise, you have to set up the business, make sure that all aspects of the business – procurement, sales, marketing, accounts, and payments for actuals, overheads and to employees – are in order. There will be a time when you’re working very hard and may have very little to show for it. So make sure that you have means to support yourself while you work to consolidate your business.

Online franchises are an excellent idea for so many reasons – they require relatively less capital investment and resources in terms of overheads and incidentals. You can operate the business from your own home, which has obvious benefits. You pick your work timings and keep them flexible. And best of all, you work for yourself and do not report to a boss. We look at some of the best ideas for online franchise opportunities.

1. Online Retail

This is one of the most obvious franchising opportunities out there; and one that is a constantly expanding market. The possibilities are endless in terms of shopping portals as well as products which could range from clothing, to footwear to bags, to furniture to practically anything.

2. Digital Marketing

Whereas selling retain products would require purchase, keeping inventory, shipping and so on, marketing involves other skills; digital marketing is more indirect in nature.

3. Financial Services

This may be the ideal franchise for someone with a background in finance or accountancy. This online franchise would involve designing individual or corporate portfolios, managing online share terminals, mutual funds and other financial services.

4. Web Design and Development

This is a segment that is ever expanding because no business can afford not to have a website today. So designing a website that is not only unique and eye-catching but also easy to navigate is the challenge that this sort of franchise presents.

5. Digital Video Design

This service helps those who wish to have digital scrapbooks created, who want to convert analog data into digital media, those who have archiving needs, require software presentations and a whole lot besides.

6. Online Food Ordering Service

This is typically a franchise that has local limitations. Via a franchise, you can get help creating a food ordering business that helps people find restaurants in their area (via zip code or other method). Online ordering and payment, pickup or deliveries are part of the services offered.

7. Foreign Exchange Trading

A franchisee typically receives training for forex trading and this can be skill that can be mastered even without financial training.

8. Online Tutoring Franchise

Today it is possible for geographically remote people to connect, offering and receiving, language skills, technical training and practically any educational requirements.

9. Internet Listing and Directories

A franchise of the internet version of the yellow pages consists of directory listings of people and businesses, hosting business profiles, pay per click and other business profiles.

10. Real Estate Franchise

This would consist of a virtual 3D tour of a property, property listings, and more that a person can check out online before venturing to view the property in person.

Any number of websites out there, claim to offer opportunities to work from home – typically they will have a bunch of photos of happy people either showing a check or holding stacks of dollars. They promise you rich returns for possessing practically no skills and will also feature a number of ‘testimonials’ from people who are supposedly making money hand over fist; even to the extent of giving up their regular job.

Needless to say, you should believe nothing or very little of what these sites say. If it sounds too good to be true that’s because it isn’t true. So what do you believe – is it even possible to make money working on a computer from home? Well the answer is yes and no.

Data entry, transcription, etc.

The fact is that if you have no real skills apart from basic computer skills you will probably make only a pittance for some rather tedious and repetitive work. Jobs like data entry work, doing medical transcripts and so on can make you some money, but do not expect this income to be enough to subsist on. These are typically low paying.


Then there is blogging – after all there are so many bloggers out there making so much money; surely you can too? Well again, you have to offer your readers something unique to hope to make any money by blogging. You inform them, entertain them or engage them in some way that you secure a dedicated readership. Even if you have great ideas and sound language skills, this may not be enough for a successful blog. You may also need some basic marketing skills to market your blog and know about ways to monetize it, before you actually see the color of the cash.

Freelancing Projects

There are a number of very legitimate freelancer websites that you can register on – they either take a monthly or annual fee or they take a percentage of your earnings. On these websites, you can bid on projects according to your skills. Slowly you can build up your profile on these sites and then you may hope to make some real money.

Beware of the scam sites

There are so many scam sites on the internet – they claim that they offer genuine work opportunities with Google; they may also have an authentic seeming website that seems associated with reputed companies or publications. Or there are the survey sites that ask you to make an upfront ‘investment’. Beware of all of these, and don’t fall for them.