5 Things to Consider While Starting a Home Based Business

There are obvious advantages of working from home – your overheads are negligible, you can have flexible work timings and you can even rope in your family members to help out rather than hiring full time employees. Home based business is a great option for stay at home parents, single parents or others looking to […]

Top 10 Freelance Writing and Related Gigs

The economic climate being what it is today, more and more people are worried about layoffs and redundancies. You may be among those looking to supplement an existing income or create some revenue by way of freelance writing gigs. We look at the different options available for freelance writers – different types of writing as […]

How Does Restaurant Franchise Work and When Should You Go for It?

The concept of a franchise enables you to use someone else’s successful business model for your own business. So if you’re of a mind to have your own food related business but are a novice when it comes to entrepreneurship, a restaurant franchise could make a lot of sense for you – an established system […]

How to Make Money with Twitter

Consider the following – Twitter is a micro-blogging site that is one of the most visited pages on the internet today. This so called SMS of the internet has over 500 million registered users. In addition, unregistered users also visit the site to read tweets, which are publically visible by default. Twitter is a truly remarkable […]

10 Best Home Based Businesses

Home businesses are a great idea for so many of us: those who have small kids at home, those who want to supplement an existing income, those who have been laid off and are currently looking for a job, and so many others. So here are some of the best home based businesses to choose […]

How to Find Freelance Editing Jobs

There are so many reasons why freelance editing jobs may be preferable to regular 9 to 5 job. There is the fact that you can pick and choose your own assignments and also the fact that you do not report to any boss but yourself. Another advantage is that your hours can be as flexible […]

Basics of Franchising – Starting vs. Buying

Today we look at how to go about starting a franchise as well as what you should know about buying into one. If you are someone who already has a successful business model and feel that it is now ready for expansion, you may be thinking in terms of starting a franchise. As a franchisor […]

Top 10 Online Franchise Opportunities

Online franchises are an excellent idea for so many reasons – they require relatively less capital investment and resources in terms of overheads and incidentals. You can operate the business from your own home, which has obvious benefits. You pick your work timings and keep them flexible. And best of all, you work for yourself […]

Computer Work from Home – Does It Really Pay?

Any number of websites out there, claim to offer opportunities to work from home – typically they will have a bunch of photos of happy people either showing a check or holding stacks of dollars. They promise you rich returns for possessing practically no skills and will also feature a number of ‘testimonials’ from people […]